In this blog I will be reviewing the accessories that elevate your Bullet riding experience. Click here to read my reviews on Performance Modifications for Royal Enfield Bullet. For the uninitiated my distinction method between a modification and an accessory is very simple. If you are replacing an original item of your Bull then it will be a modification, whereas if you are adding an object it becomes an accessory. So I consider an LED headlight as a mod, whereas the fog lights would be an accessory. By that same distinction the Deltran LiFePo4 batteries and the Boyer Bransen Powerbox are modifications as they can replace your existing battery. Crash guards though an integral part of motorcycle, since does not replace an existing part becomes an accessory.
In this blog I’ll not be reviewing riding gears like helmets, armor or gloves. This blog is strictly for the bullet. So if you find an innovative accessory that improves the Bullet riding experience do mention it in the comments section. Happy thumping.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dragonfly sidebox from Bluegarage for Royal Enfield Bullet review

I always envied large tourers that had those huge capacity sideboxes that could pack away a family and the rider can roam the countryside in peace. Unfortunately our Enfields do not come with such storage space and till date only himalyan seems to have been given with any type of storage accessories.
Dragonfly sidebox from Bluegarage for Royal Enfield Bullet
Dragonfly sidebox from Bluegarage
I am not a fan of saddlebags, as most develop holes when you least expect. Even the best quality cramster bags, if they get anywhere near the exhaust, will burn open huge holes on the underside. Furthermore saddlebags tends to spoil the balance of the motorcycle on bad roads and most of them have buckle system that afford very little in security.
My only option was to go for hard sideboxes. However even after much research I could not find one that suited my requirements. Some were very angular and looked incongruous on the bullet. Others were too small. Then there was also the question of colors which would not match with my forest green color. And then I chanced upon the dragonfly boxes from Bluegarage. At first glance it looked like my dream had come true.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Waterproof dual USB cigarette lighter power charger review

Waterproof dual USB cigarette lighter power charger
Waterproof dual USB cigarette lighter power charger
There is something about the design essence of our Enfields that feels at home with with rounded contours. It is this very reason that though I love my Bullet standard 500, its rear mudguard's choice of angles scream bloody murder every time I look at them. This deeply ingrained aesthetics has always governed my choice of accessories for Enfield. Reason why I shifted from this phone holder to this phone holder. When it came to upgrading my mobile chargers I was looking for a few features like Dual USB charging and cigarette lighter, but besides that I was also looking for a well rounded body and quality materials. This charger scored on all the points.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wizgear C type mobile holder review

Wizgear C type mobile holder
Wizgear C type mobile holder 1
Remember the time when you so much wish for a product but at the same time know nothing of the sort exists. Well you keep craving for someone to come up with a brainwave and satiate your desires. However it rarely happens. I am still to get a water driven motorcycle and /or a flying car (possibly also running on water). So till then I console myself with little pleasures. This Wizgear C type mobile holder is one such product that has recently made me very happy.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

USB charger for motorcycle review

USB charger
USB charger closed
As soon as I posted about the mobile phone holder, one of the readers asked me when I would review the USB charger. And why not. The need for USB charger on a motorcycle is felt by all who use their mobile phones on long trips. In fact losing your battery charge on a trip is a phobia deserving its own name in the modern world. The closest word is 'Nomophobia' which means fear of losing your phone. So for all the nomophobic Enfield riders out there, here's to scratching out one of your fears off the list.

Clip type mobile holder review

Clip type mobile holder
Clip type mobile holder front
With the advancement of mapping technologies more and more people refer to their phones or GPS devices for planning routes. Even if you know the correct directions, referring to your phone can provide useful updates on traffic situation at that particular time.  Even news and information on construction works, accidents and major mishaps on a particular road are provided so that you can take alternate way. The only encumbrance in checking your mobile for these directions while on a motorcycle is that both your hands are engaged and you do not have a dashboard to securely keep your mobile. This is where you feel the need for good mobile phone holder.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Diamond Black crashguard review

Diamond Black crashguard
Diamond Black crashguard
Bullet is one of the most stable motorcycles that I have ridden. Even on the most troublesome tracks its wheels stay firmly grounded. Most of the injuries therefore from bullet is not while you are riding it, but before and after the ride. I have had my Bullet fall on me while getting it on and off the stand, while trying to back it uphill and worst while tilting it to remove the rear wheel. As against numerous such stationary accidents only twice have I fallen while riding Enfield and one of them was because my airfly style crash guard got stuck in an auto that passed me too closely. In all the instances I avoided punctured tank and fractured limbs because the crash guard took the major brunt of the accident. The importance of crash guard therefore cannot be overstated when the next line of defence protecting your cruiser is your body.

Throttle assist palm rest review

Throttle assist palm rest
Throttle assist palm rest

Royal Enfield is the quintessential cruiser in India. As soon as you own it, you dream of vast stretch of arid land and a singular straight road cutting across it. With the wind sweeping across your face and the rhythmic dug dug of the Bull under you the only thing mind seeks is to lay back and relax. The only thing that prevents you from doing so is your tight grip on the throttle. Relax your palms and your cruiser comes to a jerky halt thus ending your cruise. Don't relax and after a time your palms start cramping up. Due to this I considered investing in a cruise control many times. However most cruise control were very expensive and were only possible with EFI systems. Others that were a bit cheap, were at best dangerous. This is when I chanced upon the Throttle assist.